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Property Tax Relief

I don't know about you, but my property taxes saw a 10.2% increase in my property taxes in one year - I won't be able to keep up with that if that is the new trend. The Commissioner's Court says they haven't raised property tax in 10 years, which is true, but with the rising costs of doing business (materials for infrastructure projects, labor costs, etc) and we still have Ford Park on our books, do we really think the County can maintain low property taxes? Senior citizens and working class citizens could be in danger of losing their homes in the next 5-10 years just because they can't keep up with these increases. With the prices of gas, groceries, healthcare, education, and child care going up, this is a real danger for many of us.

As your Commissioner, I promise to make fair negotiations for all of us!


Our infrastructure is falling apart - from drainage and sewage problems, busted roads, and eroding marshlands and coastal line, our community is struggling to stay afloat, literally, more and more every year. We need radical innovation to how we think about and build our infrastructure. We need to be investing in long term solutions for problems that might get worse, not just patch jobs. We need to not be afraid of bold ideas - like electric charging stations around the county, using road material that can absorb water when it rains rather than hold water like a bowl, and investigate other innovative ideas that can help this area.

And we'll pay for it from the increased revenue from the refineries

As your Commissioner, I will research creative ways to upgrade and transform our community into a place that can withstand the changes our area is going through from heat, cold, and flooding.


What does Commissioner's Court does? If you weren't able to answer that question before coming coming to this site, don't feel bad. The Court has a major PR problem - the website is a nightmare to navigate, information about services available to the public are impossible to find, and often you will hear someone on the bench say "You can find the information on the website", as if ( no 1. we don't have a connectivity problem in Jefferson County) the website was extremely user friendly!

When was the last time the Court met at a time that the working person could go and use their voice? The last time they had a town hall? The last time they met YOU where you are to give you the information you need about what's going on with your tax dollars?

The Commissioner's need to be more visible and responsible to the people. And that means going out of there way to make sure the people have what they need to make the best decisions they can about their lives.

As your Commissioner, I promise to be visible in the community; to develop a relationship with the local media to get the relevant information to my constituents; and to always answer to YOU!

- Julia Rodriguez


The bedrock of solid leadership is a unquenchable thirst for understanding. Officials in local government need to be willing to dig deep into the laws, talk to experts, and educate themselves on the reality of the effect of the decisions they make. In her roles in various leadership positions, Julia has attacked every problem starting with research before jumping into action.


The unprecedented challenges facing our community needs to be tackled head on, not kicked down the line to future generations. Julia is not satisfied with the status quo because it isn't working. It is time to be bold and unconventional in our approach to infrastructure, communication, and public services. Our community deserves it.


True leadership is defined by how these leader treat those they interact with. Being interested and invested in the concerns of the community is the only way to lift up everyone!  Julia understands that voice and experience matters. Walking a mile in the shoes of constituents she interacts with is at the heart of her leadership style and personal values.


When someone says they will do something and they don't do it or if someone does one thing while they say another, that should not be Politics as Usual. We need to hold our elected officials and candidates to the letter of their word. Integrity means doing the right thing regardless of how many friends you loose. Integrity means doing the right thing despite it's consequences. 

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