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We know what you are thinking - Julia sounds awesome! But can I vote for her? What cities are in precinct 2? Where do I register to vote? Am I registered? All of these questions and more are answered right here.


This map can be found on the Jefferson County website. 

*Brent A Weaver represented Precinct 2 until he retired in 2021. Darrell Bush was appointed shortly after and represents this district until November 2022.

Where is Precint 2?

Jefferson County is divided into 4 Precincts and each Precinct is represented in County Commissioner's Court by a representative that lives in your district. The lines dividing precincts isn't necessarily the same lines that divide cities, school boards, or Texas State congressional lines. Knowing where you fit in these different district or precinct lines can be confusing but we've saved you the headache of searching for this information yourself!  


Is there a map that shows the precinct in more detail? Yep! You can see it here, from the Jefferson County website.

I moved into the precinct recently, can I vote for you?Yes! However, you have to make sure all your ducks are in a row first.

   1) Change your drivers license to reflect your new address. You can do that online and it will give you the option of updating your voter registration information at the same time!


If you previously lived somewhere else in Jefferson county, like in Beaumont, all of the districts and precincts are totally different. When you vote in Texas, poll workers check your Texas ID or Texas Driver's lisence to make sure the address matches with your voter registration card. So to vote in Precinct 2, you have to prove you live in Precinct 2.

  2) Double check with the Texas Secretary of State website after your license comes in to make sure your voter registration information was updated. You can check online here or call the County Clerk's office (409-835-8760) and ask them to verify!

3) You have to have this done 30 days before the election! The primary is currently scheduled for November 8th 2022, which means you have to be registered to vote by October 11th 2022 or else you won't be able to participate.

Also please note - if you plan to vote by mail, there are additional steps you must take after verifying your registration status! See below for more info!

Voter F.A.Q

I don't remember if I'm registered to vote or where I am registered...what do I do!

Go to the Texas Secretary of State website online here to check your registration status or call the County Clerk's office (409-835-8760) and ask them to verify!

I'm a first time voter! Can I register to vote online?


The only way to register to vote in the State of Texas is old school - by paper.

You can mail in an registration OR register in person at the County Clerk's office in downtown Beaumont. Otherwise, a voter registrar is authorized to take your registration. Sometimes there are tables registering people to vote at events around your area. Contact us and we will help you register!

Can I register to vote the day of the election or the week before like in other states?


You have to be registered to vote 30 days before the election. So to vote in the November 8th election, you have to be registered by October 11th.

Can I vote by mail? 

Yes! But there are certain requirements you have to meet first.

  - Be 65 years or older

  - A disability recognized by the State of Texas as credible to be able to qualify

 - Expected to give birth within 3 weeks of Election Day

 - Expected absence from the country 

 - Confined in jail or involuntary civil confinement 

If you meet any of those requirements, then you have to apply to receive a mail ballot.

The application doesn't automatically mean you will receive a mail ballot though! 

When you receive your mail in ballot, send it back immediately! It has to be postmarked by October 24th 2022.

You can find more information from the Texas Secretary of State website as well as from the fabulous Jefferson County Elections Office website. Do you have any other questions we can answer? Send us a message!

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